Spirit returning home

“Eko” comes from the Greek “home”. Ekospirit is the place where we can always return, that internal space where we can be ourselves, a space to connect the body, mind our emotions. 

We have created our Ekospirit retreats with the intention to offer you a space of connection and well-being; through integral yoga, healthy food and the celebration of gathering around exceptional landscapes. We propose to return to an environment where our nature is not eclipsed by our mind, by practicing a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves. 

Over the course of five days, you will rediscover your relationship with yourself and others by exploring yoga, meditation techniques, rituals, vegetarian cuisine and circles of sound infused with creativity in beautiful and exotic places like Hoi An (Vietnam) and Mallorca (Spain). Treat yourself to this authentic and revitalizing adventure by becoming a better version of yourself.